Change Log Of Jibres

We were born to do Best! We are Developers, please wait!

Date Description
... We are Developers, please wait!
Soon Version 1 of Jibres will be released.
30 January 2018 We reach 10000 factor records.
20 December 2017 First factor of first store is generated.
12 December 2017 Our first store on web is created and start add product to store.
7 December 2017 Beta version is released.
26 November 2017 Alfa version is released.
23 October 2017 We restart plans to run Jibres at Ermile.
18 October 2014 The name of project selected as Jibres and and domains are registered.
10 October 2014 Create git repository and first commit is pushed.
31 May 2014 Database is completely designed and implementated.
10 November 2013 Start database analysis of Jibres.
... We were born to do Best!

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