Date Description
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Soon Version 1 of Jibres will be released.
2019-02-07 add support of digital scale barcode and get weight of product automatically.
2018-11-10 We reach 1B+ Toman sold on Jibres.
2018-02-04 We reach 100M+ Toman sold on Jibres.
2018-01-30 We reach 10000 factor records.
2017-12-20 First factor of first store is generated.
2017-12-12 Our first store on web is created and start add product to store.
2017-12-07 Beta version is released.
2017-11-26 Alfa version is released.
2017-10-23 We restart plans to run Jibres at Ermile.
2014-10-18 The name of project selected as Jibres and and domains are registered.
2014-10-10 Create git repository and first commit is pushed.
2014-05-31 Database is completely designed and implementated.
2013-11-10 Start database analysis of Jibres.
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