Change log of Jibres
Date Description
... We are Developers, please wait!
Soon Version 1 of Jibres will be released.
2021-02-16 Upgrade our powerful ticketing system. Try it, Love it 😎❤️
2021-01-01 happy New Year 2021
2020-07-21 The first online sale was registered on our first online store website. 🎉❤️
2020-04-05 Now Jibres is official reseller of IRNIC. You can buy iranian national domain .ir via Jibres.
2020-03-30 Our app generator is finished. Now we have a factory to create android application for our business.
2020-03-20 happy Nowruz 1399
2020-02-23 COVID-19 is come and we are release our 60 percent of our employees! GOD bless us...
2020-02-02 Jibres catalog is ready.
2020-01-01 happy New Year 2020
2019-12-17 Jibres presend features at Advertising & Marketing 2019 Tehran, Iran. 17 - 20 Dec 2019.
2019-12-06 Jibres brand is reborn. Read More about Jibres brand style guide.
2019-09-25 Beta version is released.
2019-02-07 add support of digital scale barcode and get weight of product automatically.
2018-11-10 We reach 1B+ Toman sold on Jibres.
2018-02-04 We reach 100M+ Toman sold on Jibres.
2018-01-30 We reach 10000 factor records.
2017-12-20 First factor of first store is generated.
2017-12-12 Our first store on web is created and start add product to store.
2017-11-26 Alfa version is released.
2017-10-23 We restart plans to run Jibres at Ermile.
2014-10-18 The name of project selected as Jibres and and domains are registered.
2014-10-10 Create git repository and first commit is pushed.
2014-05-31 Database is completely designed and implementated.
2013-11-10 Start database analysis of Jibres.
... We were born to do Best!
We are preparing to create something amazing in Jibres.